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    2. Qingdao Haimeinuo Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of arts & crafts .Our main production includes straw bags,straw basket, canvas bags,beach bags,knitted handbags,willow and rattan basket,laundry basket, artificial flowers, cartons, and other crafts .

      Our factory is located at the Jiaodong Peninsula, which enjoys superior geographic environment and convenient transportation. On the south is Qingdao port and Qingdao LiuTing international airp ort, they are the important hub of international business and transportation and has established trade relations with all over the world .

      In field of arts and crafts, we are the owner factory , we have our sourcing and quality inspection team, supplier evaluation stytem which guarantees the best price/ timely delivery/ top quality and large quantity for you . The quality of our products is under strict control at every step from raw materials to finished products. Thus, our products enjoy superior quality with novelty styles and beautiful designs.Also we&nb sp;can manufacture products according to the requirements of customers .

      "In field of paper cartons, we mainly produce, deal with and export whole set of carton manufacturing equipments " such as double and single corrugated cartons and color-printing cartons. The company owns domestic advanced corrugating machine, four-color offset press, grooving machine, glue machine, nailing machine and soon. Depending on advanced technical equipments, excellent product quality and qualified product price, we have been favored by many clients.

      Adhering to the tenet of "Quality First and Credit Top most", our company has won&the recognition of the customers. Our products are exported to many countries and regions of the world. Warmly welcomes friends both at home and abroad to visit us and cooperate with us.




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